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Roeder Camanag leads all-male cast in 'Ang Dressing Room'

Multi-awarded actor and director Roeder Camanag is set to lead an all-male cast to act as females in Dulaang UP’s “Ang Dressing Room: Kung Saan Lubusang Pangungulila Ang Dulot Ng Agos Ng Panahon”—a 1977 post-war Japanese play by Shimizu Kunio, translation adapted by Chiori Miyagawa from an original translation by John Gillespie and its Filipino translation by Palanca award winning playwright Nicolas Pichay under the direction of Alexander Cortez.

Together with Roeder are seasoned artists of Philippine theatre, film, and television including Andoy Ranay, Gwyn Guanzon, and Ian Ignacio.

The play within a play tells the stories, frustrations, memoirs and aspirations of four actresses preparing backstage (gakuya, in Japanese) and waiting for their cue to enter onstage. All actresses express their desire to perform the lead role and their obsessive coveting for it ignites a comic yet dramatic narrative about shared memories and their relationship with each other. “Ang Dressing Room: Kung Saan Lubusang Pangungulila Ang Dulot Ng Agos Ng Panahon ”is a tender and humorous drama about actors, the theatre, ageing, surviving and moving on.

Camanag shares some of his thoughts as he takes on the role of Actress Aa:

“There are many reasons why I love being part of The Dressing Room. For many years now, I love my personal rituals as soon as I stepped into the theatre. The preparations excite me as an actor. I make it a point to arrive in the performance venue an hour before my actual call time. I work best when I am relaxed, when I take my time, when I get into my character.”

“I have also mastered doing make up on my own. If the play requires me to have a special look, I sometimes collaborate with a make up expert, but I like doing my own make up. It is something that excites me when I create a look for my character. ”

“Aside from the dressing room, my other favorite place is the stage. The small talk I have with my co-actors while prepping for our roles, the conversations serve as a warm up to me. The indescribable feeling of excitement as I step on stage to breathe life to a character also is priceless.”

“For this particular play, it is doubly memorable because my rituals and routines in the dressing room happen on stage. I play a Japanese actress from the past, a ghost whose soul never left the theatre. So imagine the preparations I have to do to transform to my character and everyone sees that on stage.”

“As an actor, I am fascinated with the actresses - their core, their being, their psyche, their complications, their angsts, their emotions, their temperaments, quirks, and the many other things that make them different from me. This show allows me to live that fantasy. I love getting into the heart of a performance actress, into the mind of a female actor, into the soul of a diva. I’ve always loved the strong empowered women characters in theatre - Lady Macbeth and Olga in The Three Sisters. ”

“I am also glad that this play, Shimizu Kunio’s The Dressing Room, is all about dreams, sacrifices, focus, determination, struggles and survival, life, life in all its beauty and drama. And I am happy to work along side wonderful actors Andoy Ranay, Gwyn Guanzon Ian Ignacio and Jon Abella. It’s also my first time to work with director Alex Cortez."

“Ian Igancio and I auditioned for this play, while Andoy Ranay and Gwyn Guanzon were pre casted. We only had one session for the Geisha walk but for the rest, we had to do our own research and then explore all other possibilities during rehearsals.”

“It was in mid-January when rehearsals started with a thrice a week schedule. I’m so lucky to be working with these talented, disciplined and generous actors. They made the whole process easy and fun. Almost like a tete-a-tete or ‘chikahan’ but we made sure that every rehearsal always turn out to be productive.”

“I'm in awe of Andoy's wit… fast thinker. The nuances that he puts into his character Actress B is amazing. I would often catch myself watching him. ”

“I marveled at Gwyn's vocal prowess and elegance as Actress C— the Diva. Ian Ignacio and Jon Abella alternating as Actress D are both hardworking—their attitude and respect for their craft is inspiring. ”

The English version “The Dressing Room: That Which Flows Away Ultimately Becomes Nostalgia features an all-female cast namely Frances Makil-Ignacio, Ces Quesada and Missy Maramara.

Also featured in the production are up-and-coming theatre actors, Maxine Ignacio, Marynor Madamesila and the Dulaang UP ensemble.

The artistic team is composed of Dexter M. Santos (choreography), Ohm David (set design), Meliton Roxas Jr. (lighting design), Faust Peneyra (costume design), Jethro Joaquin (sound design), and Patricia Balboa (video design).

Ang Dressing Room: Kung Saan Lubusang Pangungulila ang Dulot ng Agos ng Panahon opens April 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 (10 am and 3 pm), April 20, 22, 23 (10 am) and April 24 (3pm). All evening shows start at 7 p.m.

The Dressing Room: That Which Flows Away Ultimately Becomes Nostalgia runs April 7, 8, 9 and 10 (10 am and 3 pm); April 19, 21, 23 (3 pm) and 24 (10 am).

All performances are held at the Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero Theater, 2nd floor, Palma Hall, U.P. Diliman.

For tickets, reservation, sponsorships, and show buying inquiries, call Samanta Hannah Clarin or Camille Guevara at 926-1349, 433-7840, 981-8500 local 2449 or email

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The Dressing Room: That Which Flows Away Ultimately Becomes Nostalgia | Ang Dressing Room: Kung Saan Lubusang Pangungulila ang Dulot ng Agos ng Panahon is produced by special arrangement with the playwright, Chiori Miyagawa.


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